Welcome to our FAQ page!

We've compiled a list of common questions and answers to help you get the most out of our website and the coupons we offer. Whether you're a new user or just looking for more information, our FAQ page is a great resource. It only takes a few minutes to read through, and it's a quick and easy way to get all the answers you need. So take a look and start learning for less!

What is exactly Courson?

At courson.xyz we provide free coupons for paid courses. The well-known Udemy website offers valuable courses, and some of them allow free enrollment using coupons. To make things easier for you, we collect all those coupons in one place.

How can I use the coupons you provide?

Just go to our coupons page or our social media pages and select the desired course. Once you click enroll, you will be redirected to the course page. Automatically, the coupon will be applied.

What is the reason for some of the coupons not working?

We provide coupons for Udemy courses. Unfortunately, there is a limit of 1000 enrollments for discount coupons on Udemy. After that, coupons are no longer valid.
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Is it legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal. In Udemy, instructors can create coupons for their courses. Learn More

Can I ask for a coupon for a specific course?

No, we only provide existing coupons. It is possible, however, that in the future the course you are interested in will have a coupon available.

How often do new coupons for the same course appear?

We don't know. However Udemy allows instructors to create up to three coupons per course per month.

Why does the enroll button not appear?

There could be a number of reasons for this: 1. You use an ad blocker - disable any ad-blocker (e.g. "AdBlock", "uBlock", "Brave adblock") and try again.
2. Clear the browser cache and try again.
3. Open the coupon in incognito mode. If you see the button now, it may be because of your browser. Sadly, we cannot assist you in this matter.
4. We are available via Telegram in case none of these steps work for you.